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In a Flood Emergency

1. Don’t Panic!! Dial 027-284-6576 Now

2. Turn off Water – where possible

3. Call National Carpet Cleaning on 027-284-6576 or (04)237-5116

4. Don’t Panic – We will take care of contacting Insurance Company, Plumber, Electrician. If you haven’t by the time we arrive.

National Carpet Cleaning treats all flooding as an emergency due to damage that could occur including:

♦  Your Health Hazard

♦  Fire Hazard

♦  Electrical Shock hazard

♦  Damage to Home

♦  Damage to Pocessions

♦  Mould Damage – Health Danger

♦  Sewage Contamination

We are Insurance company approved for Food and Spill restorations and uses the latest Flood restoration equipment and processes.

Delays Cause Damage Call Now

027-284-6576, (04) 237-5116